Dating mccoy pottery marks Chatterbox webcam porn

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Dating mccoy pottery marks

The 1920s pieces are characterized by clay that is sandy colored with either a grainy appearance or a buff bottom.

Another consistent characteristic of the pottery in the 1920s is the bottom markings VAN BRIGGLE and COLO SPGS with all words being in capital letters.

(The same glaze was sold by another company, Brush-Mc Coy, at approximately the same time period, which can be confusing).

It is commonly accepted that Van Briggle Pottery marked USA was produced between 19.

Another problem presents itself when a collector finds a piece with no mark. In 1910, Nelson Mc Coy started the Nelson Mc Coy Sanitary Stoneware Company in Roseville, Ohio with the help of his father, J. By the end of the 50s, they were shipping millions of pieces per year.

They don't contain everything about what pieces, colors, etc. That's part of the fun and enjoyment of collecting it. They were in direct competition with Brush-Mc Coy, which made stoneware churns, jars, and jugs. In 1933, Nelson Mc Coy Sanitary Stoneware became Nelson Mc Coy Pottery.

Sometime in 1907, the Pottery started to add finisher numbers to either or both sides of the double AA logo.

Van Briggle Pottery produced between the later part of 1907 through 1912 is typically marked Van Briggle, Colo Spgs (or Colorado Springs), as well as finisher numbers to either or both the left and right of the double A logo and the design number below Colo Spgs.

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