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Presidium consisted of five members sets the agenda as well as supervises the Chancery of the Parliament.The Saeima speaker takes over duties as the Head of the State when the President is absent and cannot do so.Following a year in 1921 allies has recognized Latvia de sure.The following year in 1922 the Constitution or Satversme was approved by the Constitutional Assembly.Other thirty percent of the Latvian residents disapprove it, and around thirty-nine percentage of the citizens are uncertain on the U. Therefore, you will get a better insight into both of these countries regarding their history, current news, sports events and other. during World War II, United States has recognized Latvia as an independent country regardless of this annexation that occurred. Latvia also embraced the principle of the open market especially when it comes to the relations with the United States.Before we get to the chase, the United States and Latvia bilateral relations should be discussed more profoundly, and since these relations are established for almost hundred years ago, there is a lot to be discussed. Latvia was internationally recognized as an independant country when in 1992 claimed de facto independence from the U. This has led to a huge boost for the local economy, which has specialized in few industries over the years that are particularly targeting the American market.

Latvia is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as well as a part of the European Union.

It also ratifies different international agreements as well as appoints important public officials.

Latvian Saeima is chaired by two deputy speakers and the lead speaker together with the main secretary and his deputy that other form a five-member Presidium.

Latvian residents hold power in the Republic of Latvia.

Latvian citizenship is received either by naturalization or by birth.

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