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Dating guide candlesticks

As an inherent bonus they will never wilt, dry out or crumble!

Once you have created your first rose, every other rose you fold will become easier and look better once you master the steps.

Q: How diligent should collectors be in cleaning collectible bottles? A soaking in a slightly stronger solution, such as ammonia, may be required for stubborn grit.

Be careful not to damage any distinctive markings--particularly a bottle’s label, which could add to its value by not only providing a distinctive touch and some history but also tell you its producer and date of manufacture.

But first, you’re going to have to do some homework on this subject, because there weren’t a lot of early craftsmen who signed and dated their work to make it easy for today’s collectors to tell when the pieces were produced.

During the Colonial period, candles were a primary source of light and were widely used by the early settlers.

A major innovation of the early 18th Century was the advent of the pressing machine, which, in effect, allowed mass production of glass stems and bases.

Again, though, you may encounter difficulty in researching the company that produced the candlestick because no name will be found on much of the work produced during this period.

Some of the most creative designs were produced by 19th-Century American craftsmen following the advent of the glass-pressing machine.

This model will make a major impression when done right.

Twisting the paper is key, because it creates a softness that hard creases deny.

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Over the years, some collectors have subscribed to the theory that leaving some dirt on a collectible bottle would enhance its value. Proper cleaning will not damage the bottle’s value, they say.