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For your own good, try never to be confused by the bureaucracy in a public office, and never, ever get stuck with your car on the side of the road. Sources disagree, but I read that it’s one of the hardest in Europe, and possibly in the world.

In a way, it’s a very encouraging learning environment. It’s estimated that a person needs about 4 years of study to reach fluency (and I am not studying).

Small-town Czech Republic will present different challenges of course (be prepared to attract puzzled looks as a foreigner, and almost nobody will understanding a word of English, for example), but it will also provide with unique rewards and many hidden gems.

Like having a full meal or a round of beers for an incredible price.

Or, you can just panic and stop going out altogether. But if you try to learn the beautiful language, at the beginning you feel like everything is against you. Which explains why many Czechs don’t know what to do with articles in languages like English or French.

Accents and digraphs make for a stunning 42 characters in the alphabet (nice, uh? Some sounds are also very specific to learn, with the terrible Ř that will give me troubles until the end of my life. The latter still doesn’t make any sense at all to me – as well to anybody else I asked, including native speakers. And the verbs and prepositions are not such a horrible mess as in Italian.

Plus, if you think that my observations are not complete and comprehensive, it’s because they aren’t. If in the post there is something that offsets you – hey, peace. 1) For Czech Republic, Prague is “The Capitol” from .

We can breathe the same air and have different opinions on stuff. Maybe you don’t like the music, but please don’t shoot the pianist. ) and with visibility, come people who read quickly and are willing to get offended even more quickly (not so great! To hopefully end the arguments, the meaning of the word “satire” can be found here. In Italy, Rome is the political capital, but there are many main cities with their own distinct identity, and sometimes something interesting happens there too (except in Viterbo, because nothing ever happens there).

But here in the Czech Republic, Prague is really THE city.

It’s for objects that are not objects enough to get the neutrum, maybe. Not only Czech is a slavic language, but it’s considered the model for many other languages of the group.

Which means, more “pure” and with less foreign interferences.

And the nature is also really diverse, peaceful and beautiful. The average Czech you meet in the street will most likely be in a great hurry to be somewhere else than in your presence (see point #7, below), and will look like they just had a very bad day.

Seriously, plan a trip to explore Czech Republic outside Prague, when you have a chance. Even if it’s early in the morning – maybe even worse.

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In the sense that you are encouraged to learn fast. First of all, there are some factors that don’t encourage you to learn it at all.

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