Dating forum sites

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Dating forum sites

Was it the fact I had bad luck with online dating or that I said I don't get out much? I'm a mature student in my early 30s and never had the slightest difficulty in getting dates with some very nice girls from mid 20s to early 30s even on free sites like Plenty of Fish. You do know that psychological statistics say that guys always rate themselves higher, and aim higher whereas girls rate themselves lower and aim lower in terms of appearance. You can say that it's the same IRL in terms of girls receiving more attention than males. I mean NOBODY whether your the elephant man or Brad Pitt wants to date someone they don't find attractive. Why didn't they get a chance to "show there personality"? Becuase the women rejecting them DIDN'T FIND THEM ATTRACTIVE OR THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD DO BETTER. I've got a good job (more than £40k a year, studying part time for work related course), house, nice car, good and interesting hobbies and a good circle of friends. Becuase the women rejecting them DIDN'T FIND THEM ATTRACTIVE OR THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD DO BETTER.I'd say that somewhere over 60% of messages I've sent led to a first date, and I've had plenty of perfectly normal girls message me first. I think girls care more about personality on dating sites, where I reckon guys care more about the photos (it makes biological sense). Becuase the women rejecting them DIDN'T FIND THEM ATTRACTIVE OR THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD DO BETTER. I am friendly, confident, intelligent, quick to laugh and well liked. If you could be picky because you're getting tons of messages, why wouldn't you? I know a few girls on POF who are above average in terms of looks and they don't get that many messages, and the majority of the messages they do receive are from douches with photos of themselves touching their six packs lovingly and boasting their twice-daily visits to the gym.I don't have any luck at all on dating sites and wondering why?I'm also wondering do any other guys and women have the same lack of luck I have on them?If you are quite a bit below average, then just have patience, make sure your profile is up to scratch and message below average girls. Why "look" for a below average woman (because if you look for below average women then chances are you don't find them attractive)?

Ergo, it's unlikely to be the case that guy's standards are too high per sae, although possibly too high for the world of online dating! But online all the women see if my average appearance and I am short (5'6" to 5'7"). On a dating site, the first thing you see is the photo yes, but that's just the starting point, you then read the profile.

I have absolutely no doubt that on a minute-for-minute basis, going out to intentionally meet girls in real life is far more productive and successful.

But, if you spend a lot of time at the computer anywhere then tbh they can be quite entertaining and, from time to time, can lead to decent meetings.

I think in a way that's better than meeting someone you find attractive, and then getting to know each other and finding out his/ her interests and character.

Only thing, I think paid dating sites are a lot better, the free ones attract people who just want to have fun or just put themselves up there for a laugh or something to do. Should be alright for you, just use your time travel thingy if you say the wrong thing.

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" and on the POF forums (I reccomend reading some of the posts) you get average guys with awesome profiles getting rejection after rejection. A troll on TSR even made a fake average woman profile to prove this (100 messages in an hour).