Dating fender bandmaster

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Dating fender bandmaster

It looks like the number on the choke is 126CIA- or 126C1A. All we need is your paypal email address so we can invoice you for the initial 25% down. Or you feel it is not consistent with our condition representation, please contact us ASAP(within 14 days of receipt) We’ll do e UP FOR AUCTION: NEW CUSTOM COVER FOR FENDER BLACK FACE MID 60s SHOWMAN- BANDMASTER AMP HEAD. ATTENTION LOCAL Up for sale is this 1962 Fender Bandmaster head and cabinet. So they will not be included in this sale, reproductions are available here on ebay. SERIAL NUMBER A00623 1963 Normal Channel Vibrato Channel- note you will need a foot switch to turn the Vibrato on and off. I just had this Serviced by a qualified Fender service technician. This amp kicks out one of the biggest blackface tones we've ever heard. Seriously, you could start a band around this amp with no regrets. It delivers 40 watts of the fattest tube tone there is. Grounded power cable, power switch and tremolo"roach" Sounds great! The amp is extremely clean, both the Tolex as well as the grill are scratch and snag free and all the nickel chassis straps and handle still shine nicely. Up for sale is a Vintage 1969 Fender Bandmaster Reverb Guitar Head 2x12 Fender Speaker Cabinet. All the switches and potentiometers have been cleaned and lubricated. The tube chart is very clean and intact inside the head and all of the piggyback hardware is intact. The head has been retolexed and regrilled to match the original Fen Untitled Document Search Titles& Descriptions 1972 FENDER BANDMASTER REVERB AMP HEAD TFL 5005D Silverface/Fender Cab w 2/12" Absolutely fantastic sounding and quite clean 1972 Fender Bandmaster Reverb head. This is a 1964 Fender Blackface Bandmaster Guitar Amplifier Head. The metal amp straps and screws look to be updated. The exterior is a little rough with some of the tolex ungluing. The chassis has rust and there is some wavyness to the boards. It has been personally serviced and cared for by me(I own South Valley Vintage Amps service, repair and parts for vintage guitar amplifiers) The amp is in pretty amazing condition for 51 years old. It has a few small scuffs and nicks, but no real significant tears in the tolex or grill cloth. The serial number stamped into the back of the chassis is 04407. The number on the top of the power transformer is 67233. 90 Day Layaway Plan Click on the Layaway tab above our store logo for more information. Layaway is for 90 days and requires a 25% down payment. The item you received is not what you purchased, the item is damaged or defective. THE ORIGINAL‘REV/TREM’ SWITCH PEDAL IS NOT INCLUDED; THE COVER SHOWN IN ONE OF THE PICTURES IS INCLUDED. The original Amp/Cabinet Thumbscrews were not included when I purchased amp. NO ZERO RATED BIDDERS( No exceptions) Pay Pal only! Seller added the following information:ebay Powerful Seller"I am dedicated to top drawer service" My Feedback: 1819) 100% Positive Feedback COOLDADDY-0 Presents Awesome 1st Quality 100% Authentic VTG 60 FENDER Original 1963 63 PRE CBS BANDMASTER Tube Guitar Amp Head Blackface Item Information: Normal 0 false false false Microsoft Internet Explorer4 USED PRE CBS FENDER BANDMASTER HEAD IN EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION. This unit has undergone a full function check and is 100% This is vintage. The combination of this Bandmaster head and cabinet delivers the very definition of fatness. The sound and feel of this combo is a real joy to crank up and they have the added benefit of looking extremely cool on stage. If you see something in our listing that is incorrect. We want to be fair and honest with everything we sell. I say 67/68 because the inside stamp on the chassis is 0368third week of 1968. The transformers are both dated 606748, and the choke is dated 606750. Vintage 1969 Fender Bandmaster Reverb Guitar Head 2x12 Fender Speaker Cabinet. The master here is push/pull, but I did not notice any difference in tone with the switch out or in. Combined with the true spring reverb, every vintage classic Fender tone you could imagine is right at your fingertips. Fully tested and works as it should, save for the push/pull switch which has no impact on the tone. We have been an authorized Fender dealer for the better part of a decade. This is your chance to get your hands on an amazing vintage Bandmaster Reverb! Lots of beautiful midrange and a great balanced tone overall. Tube chart reads"NF"This is a fully functional Vintage 1968 Fender Bandmaster Amplifier(Head Only) Look at the pictures closely. Drip edge" grill, Fender logo, reverb tank- Cabinet in very good condition- Original 2-button footswitch included- Power tubes: 2 x RCA 6L6GC- Output: 40 [email protected] 4 ohms Local pickup welcome Hi. I replaced the main electrolytic capacitors and checked all the tubes. The power tubes are a pair of NOS Sylvania 6L6s that have been biased and have a tonal purity that only comes with real vintage USA valves. WE TEST EVERYTHING WE SELL PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ OUR FEEDBACKS FROM OUR MANY SATISFIED e Bay CUSTOMERS! It does have more bass response than some other blackfaces I have though. Vintage 1964 Fender"Blackface" Bandmaster Model AB763 hand-wired. This auction is for the amp head only, the cabinet is not included. NO sales tax for CA residents) I have owned this amp for decades.See our amp section – We share information gathered through decades of playing and servicing Fender tube amps.We discuss how to turn it into a tone machine for your specific needs.The vibrato works but I do not have the on off pedal/switch. PLEASE SPECIFY MODEL AND TOLEX CHOICE AT CHECK-OUT! The blonde ones are made as ordered(2-3 days) These panels have the correct bevel around the oval vent holes. Panels for other Fender models available upon request. The era correct Oxford 12" speakers date to the 35th week of 1965. I am a play at home musician and I love vintage equipment. This amp has the sweetest Fender tone you'll ever find, from crystal clear to throaty roar when overdriven. A loose control knob, some scratchy pots(two I think) some contact cleaner should do it. This head has that classic Fender Blackface vintage tone. Up for sale is my 1967 Fender Blackface Bandmaster. It's in perfect working order, but has seen some cosmetic wear over it's 46 years if life. Fine Blackface Bandmaster ready to rock can be yours dirt cheap. US continental shipping to the lower 48 states only is . SEE the'68 Fender Pro Reverb and'77 Fender Deluxe Reverb Up for auction is a sweet 1968 Fender Bandmaster Amplifier Head that sounds awesome! The tubes alone are worth the price of admission on this amp. The vibrato works, but a vintage-style 1 button RCA footswitch will be needed to turn it on/off. The bright switches, when switched, seemed to not change the tone at all, but being uncovered, probably just need to be sprayed out. Clean headroom, and allows for a tighter bottom end. The original power cord has been replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong cord.

The transformers date correctly as well- everything goes to'66. Please contact us for shipping cost to your destination. cannot be combined with items purchased from funkyousounds- thanks for your understanding. The extension speaker out jack has been modded to a speaker impedance switch to use either 4 or 8 ohm speaker cabinets(a VERY useful mod! All capacitors, and tubes were replaced, as well as the output transformer and a few resistors. I am no expert so do your own research before you buy. This is a 2 channel(normal and vibrato) amp that is rated for around 45W. Very well cared for and recently serviced, this Bandmaster has classic Fender cleans, with EQ controls that have an incredible sweep, and the incredible tube overdrive which occurs after around 5 on the Volume dial.

ALL AUCTION PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF AUCTION CLOSE. Powered by Welcome to this auction for a used VINTAGE FENDER BANDMASTER electric guitar amplifier HEAD. The amp has a grounded 3 prong plug- I do not have the original AC plug. Will ship within one business day after payment is received. These taxes and duties are not included in the shipping price. If your shipping address is not registered with Pay Pal or with your credit card company. International We accept Pay Pal only for International orders. This is your chance to get your hands on on of Fender's finest- the'66 Bandmaster Blackface head. We have been an authorized Fender dealer for the better part of a decade. THERE’S NO HOLES OR DAMAGE ON THE ORIGINAL GRILL CLOTH, AND THE CHROME CONTROL PANEL IS IN DECENT CONDITION, WITH NO MISSING KNOBS. BOTH REVERB AND TREMOLO EFFECTS ARE WORKING PERFECTLY. I am NOT the original owner, so I am not aware of work if any) has been performed. Nice tight bottom end, shimmering Highs, and beefy mids. The original 2 replaced screen resistors and replaced power lamp will be included. Music Store Live is proud to present this 1965 Fender Bandmaster Head and Cab! Please also know that we sometimes make mistakes when it comes to product descriptions. We assure you that it will be packed professionally and properly. Please con Up for auction is a very Clean 67/68 Fender Bandmaster. This Bandmaster has a master volume as well- perfect for setting channel volumes or for pushing the channel volume against the master, thus turning the channel volume into a makeshift'gain' control. I was in awe of how great this amp sounds when I plugged into it for the first time. All tubes will be removed before shipping and packaged well. This item is,as is, but guaranteed to be fully functional.1966 Fender Bandmaster in great shape. Serial number A 39404- Amazingly very clean chassis(for her age) New filter caps(a must for over 45 years tube amp) Original transformers- 3-prong grounded power cord upgraded from 2-prong- All original tolex. I have gone through the electronics and it is ready to use. Has small tear in bottom of the head, Cab is free of rips and tears. This was a very common mod with these amps, as the Bassman transformer had more iron and really opens up the tone and low end response of a Bandmaster in a very natural way. eog4d72f+f7`Bandmaster Early 1960's Fender Bandmaster: Just look at the inside of this thing. PLEAS CHECK OUR PHOTOS FOR CONDITION VERIFICATION BID AND BUY FROM BRESS WITH CONFIDENCE! It had a cap job on the power supply with some new resistors on the board The output transformer has been replaced with a generic Fender style trans. I only ship to a confirmed shippin NEW Jensen Vintage Reissue C12Q 8 Vintage 1964 Fender"Black Face" Bandmaster Model AB763 Amplifier Head- FREE SHIPPING!

Discount applies to USA and international purchases. The grill cloth, some of the amp hardware, the handle,and the knobs are in GREAT shape- so there is a good chance some of that some of this is new. USPS Priority International Insured Shipping and Handling. AB763, dual channels, channel 1 has normall 1& 2 inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, and bass controls, channel 2 has vibrato 1& 2 inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, bass, speed, and intensity controls, back has ground switch, fuse holder, on& standby switch, speaker jack, ext speaker jack, vibrato pedal Canada: 3- 10 Business Days Africa: 2- 3 Weeks Asia and the Middle East: 2- 3 Weeks Australia and New Zealand: 2- 3 Weeks Europe. Central and South America: 2- 3 Weeks All buyers are responsible for their country's taxes and duties. Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express for US orders only. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER INFO: [email protected] 407-616-5166. This Fender has been fully tested and works as it should. ALL THE PARTS AND COMPONENTS LOOK ORIGINAL, BESIDES THE ORIGINAL TUBES THAT WERE REPLACED BY GROOVE TUBES. I strongly urge High Bidder to opt-in for insurance if shipped. Payment required within 3 days of close of auction or the item will be relisted. TRADING CONSIGNMENTS/end- SHIPPING in the United States. We will do everything in our power to make your transaction smooth. Payment not received within 3 business days of auction close will be reported to Ebay as Unpaid. Engage the Bright switches for beautiful top end sparkle. Buyer to pay applicable import duties/taxes- We CANNOT reduce the s Very good condition! Due to it's age there are some small tolex stains here and there but they would probably clean up pretty easily. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Perfect working reverb and vibrato, including original 2-button footswitch. It has the" drip edge" which was only offered in 68. The power transformer and choke both date to 1964, while the output transformer has been upgraded to a Blackface Bassman tranny from 1967. IT MAY HAVE BEEN DONE BY A UPSET(PIS* OFF WIFE OF GIRLFRIEND) THE TOLEX WAS CUT AS WELL. THE AMP WAS SERVICED ABOUT 1 YEAR AGO WITH SOME NEW FILTER CAPS. Don't miss out on a chance to own this piece of the wonderful Fender legacy! This is the blackface other amps are modded to sound like. Not a collector meaning it's not mint and has had changes. I’d prefer not to ship larger items to PO Boxes unless it’s your confirmed address and we pre-arrange it.

Sounds great 2x Sovtek 6L6WXT tubes 1x 12AT7 1x 12AX7 2x 7025 2 channels Channel 1 has 2 inputs(high/low gain) Bright/normal switch. the brackets to connect it to the cab and the feet are still there though. One of the knobs has a piece chipped off(see picture#4) It doesn't get much better than this for a Blackface Fender! uk.rp73(b0g``A 1964 Pre-CBS Fender Bandmaster head amp in excellent working condition. The 4 tube pre-amp section can also be modified for more gain instead of tremolo.

Volume, treble and bass Channel 2 has same plus vibrato speed and intensity Serial number: A31173 Transformer code on power transformer: P060846 AB763 circuit Please see the photos for more details. Gordon La Salle Music 978-537-1200i got this thing in a trade and have no idea about it's past. But have had it for 3 years and never even opened it up. SHIPPING: We charge a flat-rate fee to ensure having enough to cover and insure large. We always return any overpayment, which is most common when shipping domestically to customers in our Rocky Mountain Region, and international customers in Canada. The tremolo works fine, but you need a pedal attached or a shorting plug to hear it.

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As with most used items, there are a few scars, scratches, dings, dents, dust, and dirt. Buyer will always be notified of shipping and which carrier was used. It looks like it was recovered by Kerry Wright from Fullerton California- who, along with the late Sam Hutton, is known to be the'premier' Fender amp recover guy- his work is like the work at the old Fender plant- down to every crease, fold and detail. Bridge position sparkle and neck chord comps are on tap straight across the board. The body is in great shape and could be cleaned up to look even better. Blonde tolex covering on cabinet is intact and doesn't have any rips or tears. 4071(Can't read the one number but the transformer looks to be the same age as the others) RETURN POLICY If any item we sell is misrepresented we will be glad to return your money. She looks very good cosmetically but for a few minor nicks and waves in the tolex. The power tubes are a pair of NOS Jan/Phillips small bottle 6L6s, which suit this circuit perfectly and deliver a tonal clarity that truly only comes from vintage USA made valves. With only lightly faded paper and a clear"MA" date stamp which translates to January of 1963.

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