Dating an unbeliever

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Dating an unbeliever

I attended one mission training weekend run by an organisation involved solely with the people group I then felt compelled to go to. ” I was asked by the married couple who were to pray with me.One speaker suggested that some in the meeting “were bound in chains” and these chains were limiting their ability to serve God fully. I then began tearfully to tell them of how my heart was in serving God in mission, but I was in love with a man who did not love me and I wished to be free from that so that I could focus on my calling.I asked them to pray that all my feelings for him would be taken away. I left the conference really quite concerned and confused.Still, no contact from this man ensued and I began to pray and pray that all feelings for him would be removed so that I could be “free” from any distraction to serve God. ) quite a chatterbox and I loved to share the gospel, I would pray for opportunities and would try to speak at any time to anyone about the Lord.“Are you not afraid that this person, the one you love the most in this world, will one day go to a lost eternity if they are not saved? “I’ll just have to deal with that if it ever comes to it,” she replied and they married.I had been warned by my mother, after speaking out to some of these friends, of the need to take heed in case I also would fall into the same sin.Her name is Angela Mc Innes, now happily married to James, a student for the ministry at the Free Church Seminary in Inverness, Scotland.Having seen so many Christians damage their lives and testimony in a mad dash to marry, regardless of the warnings and counsel of God’s Word and God’s people, I pray that God will use this testimony to prevent this happening to others, and also to rescue those caught in this snare of the Devil.

I finished my training in university and moved to another part of the country where I tried to forget him.The “hottest” response I’ve had to anything I’ve written on this blog came after I posted the text of an email I had written to a young Christian woman (name withheld), begging her to end her relationship with a non-Christian man.I posted some clarifications in the comments which seemed to stem the flow of hostility!I would mull over the fact that here was a non-Christian and yet he was so interested in the gospel, I could discuss with him much more about the Lord than I could with most male believers I’d known.I would think what a great Christian he would make! Like the previous years, the teaching was fantastic and we had great Christian fellowship.

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The preacher was doing a study on Elijah, the studies had been so helpful, and the Lord really brought the Word alive to me on the preceding days.

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