Dating a single mom child support

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Dating a single mom child support

The situation they’re in is always the fault of that “no good man”, “these damn kids” their mother or someone else.They never take any time to do any self-examination or make any efforts to change their lives.Once a single mother gets a man settled into her life it’s not common for her to start verbally abusing him and mocking him as she projects all that pent-up rage from those previous failed relationships onto him.And it’s usually around this point that most men realize why this woman is single and why it’s time for him to hit the exit door.

Something always gets in the way of a man spending time with her.But the only people who wants what she has to offer are scavengers at the bottom of the social scene.Single Mothers never take responsibility for their actions.They’re so selfish they don’t think a man has needs, wants or a life of his own.He’s just supposed to be there to give her everything she wants in life.

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And she thinks she’s the one who deserves the best.