Dating a nonchristian chinese girl

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Dating a nonchristian chinese girl

Complicating matters for Rashan, who is of African-American heritage, is that she's primarily attracted to Caucasian men.That makes Rashan a Christian dating interracial single who is looking for someone who not only shares her passion for religion, but is also open to dating members of a different ethnic heritage. "I meet a lot of single guys at church, but they're not my type. You would think that in an era of emerging technology like the one we're currently in, tools like the internet might make things at least a little bit easier.Most certainly in some ways, the Web and online dating sites do help in making things more convenient.But when you narrow your search down so specifically, such as those who are Christian dating interracial singles looking for others with the same religious background and same attraction for a different ethnicity, things can get even tougher.Some call it being picky, but I call it being able to find your own best match".But let's give the nod to Wikipedia since it's in the middle - that suggests that 1 in 26 Chinese women are currently Christian.Now let's look at the more interesting fact that only 400 million Chinese, by the wildest guestimates I've ever seen, hold any religious beliefs. If we assume that half of those are women then we have an additional 450 million Chinese ladies who, while not presently Christian, are quite likely open to consider learning about and accepting the Christian faith.

According to there are a total of roughly 2 billion Christians in the world.

And Rashan illustrates the struggle that faces women and men like her, all Christian dating interracial singles who face an uphill climb to find a suitable mate who meets all of their requirements.

At times, it may seem like compromise may be in order to help improve their social life, but relationship expert Cribbs warns that this might not be a good move in the long run.

If you go to the Three Self or home groups in China you'll find a majority of the attendees are woman.

So this is a problem, particularly for Chinese women who are Christ followers.

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How difficult can it be to find Christian dating interracial singles who are actively seeking a similar mate?

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