Dating a former gang member whos dating sarah michelle gellar

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Dating a former gang member

Williams was sentenced to death row and executed by lethal injection on December 13, 2005.

On August 9, 1979, Raymond Washington, the founder of the Crips, was murdered in a drive-by shooting near his home.

Shakur's first arrest occurred in 1978 at age 14 after he shot at the employee of a fast-food restaurant who had assaulted his younger brother Kershaun and later assaulted and pulled a gun on Shakur.

He is currently incarcerated at Centinela State Prison in Imperial, California.[7] also known by his former street moniker Monster, is a former member of the Los Angeles gang the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. Kody was the fifth of six children, including four brothers and two sisters.Shakur was courted into the gang (also known as being jumped in: in which gang members beat up the new recruit to see if he or she is brave enough to fight back and defend himself or herself).Shakur and another gang member then hotwired a stolen car after which he and several members of the ETGs, all armed with revolvers and shotguns, tracked down members of the Brims street gang (a set of the Bloods), which had been hanging out in the Crips' neighborhood.Also in 2008, Shakur made his fiction debut with the publication of T. According to Shakur, his first encounter with street gangs occurred at age ten when he was assaulted by two 13-year-olds who stole his money.Because Birdie Scott worked several jobs to support her large family as well as the neglect that he received from Ernest Scott, young Shakur would often hang out on the streets of his new neighborhood.

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Because Raymond Washington always made it a point never to walk up to cars, it was determined that his killers were people he knew personally since he had walked up to the murderers' car and had a conversation with them prior to being shot.

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