Dating a college athlete

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I think the 2.5 hour drive he made really escalated the first date and put a little more pressure on it than if it were more casual. (Yes — she got the worst nosebleed at the end of our run! We love just living life together, no matter what that involves — good and bad.We couldn’t go out for dinner as planned because she had blood all over her.)I couldn’t have been more happy they did, because we opted for some to-go burgers and enjoyed a few hours of great conversation at her apartment (after she got the blood off of her). I feel like in the short time we’ve been dating, we’ve had to deal with a lot of hard circumstances and challenges.Thankfully they were super accepting and understanding, even though lots of awkward conversations and tears were exchanged.” And that first person he came out to was Brad—who he’d known from athletic competitions—and they’ve now been dating for two years.Brad says of their relationship: “At first, we didn’t know each other was gay.When busy personal and professional lives kept salesman Matt and pediatric oncology nurse Colleen from the North Carolina dating scene, they took matters into their own hands and started swiping on Bumble. Colleen, what was the first message you sent on Bumble? I was just myself: To the point and honest: “Hey Matt! (Except that he’s a Cavs fan and I’m a Warriors fan!

Telling them was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.

“We came out to each other over Thanksgiving break of 2014 – First him in a text message, then me in a later response. We didn’t quite have all the same experiences, but the oppression of gays in his hometown of Milwaukee is probably comparable to the oppression in my small, conservative farm town.

No matter what school you go to, student athletes make up a major part of the campus population!

Matt, what do you consider a unique aspect of your relationship now?

A unique aspect or quality of our relationship is that we are much more than just friends, best friends, or even boyfriend and girlfriend.

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In part, it did the trick: Every medal I won transformed anyone’s thoughts of me being gay into affirmation of me being straight.