Dating 101 decode her body language

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Eye contact is critical, both for your in-person dates, as well as for the photos you choose to represent yourself on dating apps and online dating sites.

The popular maxim, ” the eyes are the doorway to the soul,” reveals important insights into just how important good eye contact is for dating.

The posture of the body is equally important when reading body language.

Factors such as the direction your feet point in, how much space you take up while sitting, how you move, and how far apart your feet are when standing, all convey important nonverbal information to the women you are dating.

It takes a woman only four to eight short seconds to determine whether she’s interested or not.

When first meeting someone new, time is of the essence.A positive body language cue related to eye contact includes making and maintaining eye contact, which signals trust, rapport, and attraction.On the other hand, a negative body language cue such as a lack of eye contact, signals insecurity and distrust.Body language allows us to communicate authentically, regardless of what we’re saying.This means that you have to be even more aware of how your body language is coming across to her, than you do about what you say. For each category, there are positive and negative body language cues that signal interest or disinterest.

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In this case, don’t be afraid to take a day off from shaving. If she’s relaxed and comfortable, you’ll notice that her breathing is deeper and both her stomach and chest will expand as she takes fuller, more evenly paced breaths. A clear sign of chronic tension in a woman is when she picks or bites at her nails or skin.

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