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Dates business dating

Or maybe it’s the shopping cart culture of the whole thing — who knows.

I *do* know this: if you’re doing the online dating thing, a filtration system is more important than .

We all have elements of our life we are self-conscious about telling a potential partner. The reality: other people will only see something as a limiting factor if Take a hard look at your greatest insecurity and start seeing it for the good it has brought to your life and why it actually makes you a *better* partner.

You may not have control over the specifics, but you do have control over the story you tell about it.

If you see it in a positive light, the people you date will too.

We’re living in a time right now where there really isn’t the stigma attached to online dating like there used to be. Online dating shouldn’t be your only way of meeting potential partners.

Icing on the cake :)When you have a solid group of friends, it gives you the confidence to date with abandon because you are treasured to begin with.

It’s not that there aren’t great people online, it’s that they tend to be few and far between.Make it a habit of engaging those around you and you’ll never run out of interesting people to date.And if you happen to meet some amazing people online?It will help you weed through the riffraff to find those high-quality people quicker. I’m not currently on the apps, but when I was, I would usually only check them once a day or every other day.It gave me a much needed reality check and allowed me to keep my focus on things that I love.

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Because when you’re busy loving your life you become *more* attractive, not less.