Christian dating courtship and marriage

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Ideally, the two families will communicate with each other to establish the best way to encourage and protect the couple with a plan for accountability.Love should be the motivation for accountability, with a goal of supporting the couple’s decision to obey God and honor one another with their words and actions.In most cases, he will consult his parents, but in some situations, such as in the absence of parents due to death, other Godly mentors such as a pastor may fill this role of counselor.As God’s direction to pursue courtship is confirmed through the man’s authorities, through insights from God’s Word, and through prayer, he should contact the woman’s father to request permission to initiate the courtship.

Their mentors should guide the couple, helping them keep on track and stay focused on the goals of a Biblical courtship.

Guard your heart so that you don’t ignite passions that should be reserved only for marriage.

The wait will make the expression of physical intimacy that much more exciting and wonderful.

The courting couple should be held accountable to God-given authorities for the spiritual health and progress of their relationship, as well as for their emotional attachment and physical intimacy.

In a courtship relationship, a couple turns usually to their parents to be their mentors.

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