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Posted by / 11-Oct-2019 05:30

Lebanese women are a bit friendlier then women in other countries I have been to.

They will chit chat you at first and slowly move the direction of the conversation.

Their nightlife is enjoyable, extraordinary, and full of tourists. However, sometimes you will feel like you are in a competition, where everyone wants to show off their new i Phones, cars, or just how much money he or she has.

However, do not forget to try some street game around the classy shops near Nijimeh square, Foch Street, harissa church, the Jounieh area, and good old Starbucks.No matter how weird this sound, girls in Lebanon love to friend zone foreigners.They want “to show you off,” since Beirut is not such a big city and people know each other. They usually have that sexy, dark, sensual look with a small waist and big breasts, and their skin is lighter compared to those in other Middle East countries.I heard all sorts of myths and legends about how beautiful the Lebanese girls are, and so I expected Beirut to be the capital of models. Even though the pear-shaped body was common, you will very rarely find fatties or ugly women, but you will also have to put in some effort to find that perfect ten you seek.

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Let her know what is this all about, let her talk a bit if she needs it to relax, but don’t let her do all the talking.