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Jerusalem alleges Men- gjstu is Hfil Hmg the Jews to ransom in the hope of extort¬ ing Israeli military aid.■ Flood for po Burtton Yorkshire Water Services, a north of England water com¬ pany, was fined the maximum penalty of £4,000 after admit¬ ting it wiped out all fish along a trout stream by polluting the water with ferric sulphate.

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Gunmen in Rio de Janeiro seized West German business¬ man Wolfgang Rudolf Prinz as he was on his way to his office, Brazilian police said.

business summary H Trade Secreta ars set to quit M Thatcher remains reluctant to accept departure of supporter plans £46.8m rights issue Forantl International, troubled UK electronics group which last year discovered an alleged £2l5m fraud at a US subsidiary, yesterday unveiled plans for a £46.8m rights issue to stabilise its finances.

Page XXII Pursued by a bear Tom Fort reaches Ceaucescu territory in his eastern fishing odyssey. 31,199 ® THE FINANCIAL Tones LIMITED I9» Weekend July 14/July 15 1990 D 8523A :he FI 1 ovef the' 1 ntl V ng ^ * W the la^ 1 ie* 5 ' WORLD NEWS m rof c reach Italy ■ Four west e rn strips carried almost 4,500 Albanians Into the Man port of Brfadifli yes¬ terday. France West Go-many temporarily closed their Alba* nian embassies, saying they needed to dean up after the exodus.

Pages XIX-XXI The equities riddle Chartists are in confusion. Page III A drive to win Lauren St John on the theories of Rodger Davis; Teresa Mc Lean on Intellectuals at play. The Albanians, mostly young, had spent up to two weeks packed into western embassies in Tirana, the - As the refugees left, Italy.

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Lex, Page 24 EQUITIES in London were buoyed by Wall Street coming to the rescue of a tired market, which managed no more than a modest rally after the infla¬ tion announcement The FT-SE FT-SE 100 Index Hourly movements index gained 11.7 to end the day at 2,3822- It was up 42Ji cm the week - somewhat sox prising in view of discomfort¬ ing trading news from a wide range of companies.

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