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‘Sadly, I didn’t get as lucky.’ ‘The actual speed dating went okay.However, during the socialising afterwards, some guy attempted to crack on to me by biting my neck.‘I casually started chatting to the guy at the end of the night.He’d had a lot to drink, and admitted to having paid off the toilet attendant to let the pair of them go into the male toilets and do the nasty.

You can talk to so many different men in one night.

’ ‘Ten years ago, I went to my first, and only, speed dating event.

‘This is back when the concept was fairly new and a bit of a novelty.

‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.

His hair was all over the place, and her make-up was smudged.

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‘I went home mortified, with no boyfriend and no matches.’ ‘I’ve been to quite a few speed dating nights but there’s one that stands out.

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