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The champions’ reflections are not limited to remembrances of the ecstasy of winning, however.

Superstars share the ingredients to their teams’ success—the unique chemistry, leaders, and ways of tackling adversity that composed the magical recipe of a champion.

Raising Lombardi features in-depth interviews, rich history, and inspirational stories of determination and perseverance from players and coaches of all eras, including: Jerome Bettis, Steve Young, Mike Ditka, Paul Hornung, Joe Theismann, Tony Dungy, Jerry Kramer, Mike Singletary, Bart Starr, Lenny Moore, and Drew Brees, among others.

These players’ accounts span more than a half-century of football champions—from the NFL championship games featuring the likes of Frank Gifford and Johnny Unitas, to the first Super Bowls matching the NFL’s and AFL’s best, to the modern era where conference champions meet in the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year.

The 10 bejeweled members of this exalted NFL tribunal agreed to rank their top 10 quarterbacks since 1978 -- more on the time frame in a moment -- while discussing the various quarterbacks on the record. Dungy saw skilled passers across the board when looking at the best QBs. Tom Brady is just the best our teams have ever played against.Hall of Famer Dan Fouts also played extensively before 1978. When they had him, they won big -- won championships. Al Saunders, NFL coach since 1983 and former Chargers head coach who worked with Fouts, Montana and Kurt Warner: There were some things I thought were important in comparing these guys.He was included in the survey because his career took off beginning in 1978, when Don Coryell took over as the San Diego Chargers' head coach. The first was the driven success they had with their teams.Defensively, New England might wind up with one Hall of Famer, or maybe not even any.I mean, they got rid of Richard Seymour and went to the Super Bowl.

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