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comment: I had a quick question on crisis communication.I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction.

Chat is anonymous - no one of users can unwillingly be forced to give anyone any part of information about their identity and whereabouts.I believe it is established best practice that when a company has an accident, and learns that the cause may be a problem that’s generic and could affect others in the industry, it should notify them in order to prevent additional accidents.A few examples at random: I’m not an attorney and don’t know the conditions under which a company would have a legal “duty to warn.” But as a risk communication professional, I am confident that the public would hold a company morally culpable if it withheld information about a potentially serious problem, and as a result people in other locations were hurt by the same problem.In making these choices, your client should bear in mind that saying too little is a graver reputational risk than saying too much.One other issue: It’s important that this information be framed in a way that sounds like the company is trying to warn others about a possible future accident, not trying to escape responsibility for its own past accident.

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One of our clients is a leading manufacturer and recently had an accident (explosion of secondary tank) at their production facility.

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