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I highly recommend you check out her own stories, especially her excellent work on some of the recent Zutara Week prompts.Suki looked up at the flying bison as she stepped through the gates to the Royal Palace, onto the barren, rocky perimeter surrounding it.Will this irresponsible kid accept his destiny in time to save the world?The Gang are meeting up in the Capital City of the Fire Nation during a festival, invited by Fire Lord Zuko.

"Have some chi blocking classes to teach, got to go." Suki looked around the throne room, thankful that there was no one else there to see her flushed face. Suki entered the throne room, looking around for Zuko.

She could hear the two bickering even as she closed the door.

She made her way towards the throne room, receiving slight nods and smiles from the many guards she past, and even a few from the politicians going about their business.

She looked over to Ty Lee, who had an uncertain look on her face. ""Zuko was just telling me something, and I don't like it, so I know you'll hate it," Ty Lee explained, "He wants to go into the city without any security detail, I've been trying to tell him we can't exactly leave him do that.""He wants to go into the city, during the time when the largest amount of people are here, completely unguarded? "That's not happening." Zuko sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose."It'll be okay, I'll won't even be in my normal clothing, no one will no it's me," he tried to explain to Suki, who had now folded her arms across her chest."Zuko, you remember why we were brought here in the first place right?

" Suki asked him, and he went back to pinching the bridge of his nose."Yes, multiple assassination attempts on my life," Zuko admitted.

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