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Likewise we have other articles online about which uses data available from Metars (airports) or Weather Display weather stations. Added support for the "" air quality sensor. Fix for individual dial images pointer not matching value number. Fix for extra sensor real time graph plot lines not auto updating. For more info, visit our Cookie Policy or use our Cookie Management Tool to manage your choices.You can Click Here to delete all the cookies which we use. See accurate 10-day and hourly forecasts for whatever you do.When you install, you acknowledge that this application contains functionality that enables you to use location services. Your use of the service is also governed by the following: Microsoft Software License Terms - Full Disk Pacific Northwest Pacific Southwest U. West Coast Alaska Hawaii Northern Pacific Ocean Tropical Pacific Ocean CONUS Full Disk Northern Rockies Upper Mississippi Valley Great Lakes Northeast Southern Rockies Southern Plains Southern Mississippi Valley Southeast U.

Yesterday the app said there were thunderstorm in my neighborhood, not city, neighborhood and we never saw a drop of rain. It is easy to navigate and does not use a lot of system resources. I use it to track my local weather and it has been very accurate.

See more detail about how Weather Map Live works... Two Versions There are two version of Weather Map Live available.

A "lite" version is available embedded within Weather Display Live, which has a reduced number of features such as displaying only one map, and a full standalone version. Note that for the standalone version of Weather Map Live you don't need Weather Display - in fact you don't even need your own weather station!

Major hurricane Dorian is expected to slowly approach the eastern Florida coastline late Tuesday.

Dorian will remain a large and dangerous hurricane as the storm tracks north along the Florida coastline through Wednesday.

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It is not completely automatic process, but it is more or less straight forward. Note that this was a post from 2012, now updated in 2018, but essentially no changes to the process.

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