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The camera was the best-selling 35mm camera in the world for nearly three decades, and helped popularize the 35mm format.Due to its shape, size, and weight, it is commonly referred to as "The Brick" by photographers (in Japan its nickname translates as "The Lunchbox").

Most of my jpeg images, after Photoshopping emerged at about 3 mega pixels, which allowed me to to produce 11 by 14 enlargements of excellent image quality.

I have used an IPhone ever since Apple released the product, but never have used it for photographic purposes, believing it to be a bit of a camera toy, mostly good for selfies: that is, until I read Ken Rockwells review of the photographic capabilities of the i Phone X Max.

I traded up to the X Max and decided to take it for a photographic springtime spin in Marymoor Park on Seattle’s East Side.

Fondly known as "the Brick," the camera brought 35mm rangefinder photography down to a price affordable by amateurs who could not dream of owning a Leica or Contax.

In the present day, it has become something of a cult classic, despite its rather basic list of features, due to its ruggedness, kitschy aesthetic, and usability, not to mention its massive availability on the antique market.

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Although the design is now over 75 years old, the C3 retains a strong following due to its simplicity and durability, as well as nostalgia value.