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I resented spoiled American kids who’d taken a six-week course at Alliance Francaise and had come to the Continent for watered-down lectures in the French Alps while they experimented sexually.

Unlike me, she had unlimited funds, and I felt uncomfortable – like a paid babysitter – when I was with her.A couple of months before leaving our west coast hometown with packs on our backs – and our thumbs in the air to hitchhike to New York for ship passage to England – we bid adieu to our friends through a succession of parties.One such gathering was around Easter, where I happened across a high school acquaintance.I’d put myself through two years of college, had developed a social conscience in keeping with young President Kennedy’s dictum, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but…,” and I was approaching the future with starry-eyed enthusiasm. So, I dropped out of college and worked two shifts a day as a pharmacy clerk and delivery boy for several months.At the end of that time I had a sufficient bankroll to go to Europe to enhance my education…something many of my more fortunate friends were able to do with the aid of their parents.

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