Advice for dating an architect

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There’s no need to cringe when a baker says, “I’ll cook dinner tonight.” 2. Skill at kneading dough to perfection can come in handy during a back rub after a stressful day. Bakers have a good sense of proportion—in the kitchen and in a relationship.

They understand that too much or too little of any essential ingredient can spoil an otherwise perfect creation. Someone who spends their time perfecting the alchemy of turning humble ingredients into golden delicacies may be more open than most to the mystery of romantic magic. Bakers understand that dough is just dough until it is fire-tested in the oven—and they can “stand the heat” of a growing relationship without feeling the need to “get out of the kitchen.” 6. Bakers know that a delicious pastry contains some ingredients that are unappetizing on their own. Bakers love it when their food receives appreciation and praise—and will reward you with even more delicious treats. An experienced baker knows that sometimes their recipes fall flat—and they aren’t afraid to start over. Bakers are patient, never abandoning a new loaf until it has been in the oven the proper amount of time. Bakers have excellent taste—they know what they like and stick with it.

Dating a baker, you’ll never have to read the labels for hidden and unwelcome ingredients. They know how to judge the importance of individual parts by what they produce together in the end. At the end of a work day, bakers smell like toasted honey, wheat, yeast—aromas of wellness and security. Wellness and security are intensely attractive qualities in a potential mate. Bakers are skilled at turning the commonplace and the mundane—flour, butter, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, water—into works of visual and culinary art. Hard work and persistence are essential in the kitchen …

Function is fine, but beauty is also vital to a baker’s success.

It was exactly that "big picture" that Christian Allsop says he lacked during his extravagant conversion of four, separate flats, into one huge home in Chelsea 12 years ago.

This could mean maximising a property's potential, reconfiguring rooms or overcoming a building's constraints.

(Of course you won’t learn this lesson until after the cabinets have been pulled off the wall…).

"He did an excellent job and was definitely worth the money," enthuses Sara Burnand, who credits the transformation of the old-fashioned kitchen in her Devon farmhouse into a huge and light family room to her architect's creative flair.

You can’t base your information off what you learn from Hollywood … It will probably be considered inferior anyway but you have no chance if you can’t explain exactly why you have the opinion that you have. If it isn’t somewhere architecturally significant or have some redeeming historical context … Architects don’t have as much money as you think they do …

be sensible, you need to include some information you find off the internet. and what they do have is on the 10 year “Eames Chair Savings Plan.” The flip side is that architects don’t spend money either.

Even if Hollywood doesn’t really understand what we do, there is clearly a perception that architects are ethical and responsible and will endeavor to make the right decision to their own detriment.

While all those items might () be true, if you find yourself on the singles market and learn that your suitor is an architect, don’t be fooled by what you have learned on TV – there is a lot of other information about architects that you need to know. If you can’t “articulate” why you have said opinion it will be considered inferior.

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Architects are okay having bookcases made out of 2×12’s and cinder blocks but they will not let a couch that has rounded arms, a dust ruffle or floral patterns in their house (‘.)Architects think they are handy when in fact, most are not.