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Sean wanted her to appear seductive but approachable.Once finished, Sean ran two rather mischievous programs. A man would send a message thinking he was talking to Haley — he saw her pictures and profile — and instead another dude would receive the message, which, again, would appear to be coming from Haley.People couldn’t figure out what was wrong with their phones, or who to blame.(“have a good workout and fix your phone,” one man messaged. ”) In the ensuing chaos, users generally had one of two theories.Conversations streamed in, around 400 of them unfurling between the most unlikely people, the effect something like same-sex Tinder chat roulette. I have a beard and tattoos and all the other male stuff. But I looked at my profile and all the pictures are of me and I’m Sean told me the dictionary’s imperfections were deliberate. The first night they ran the program, Haley and Sean laughed hysterically.“There was a certain breed of guy that this really worked on,” Sean told me. “If it were perfect, it wouldn’t be interesting,” he explained. ” To which the man he had matched with replied, “Everything sounds good!! ” Two men even engaged in some consensual S&M role-playing, a fantasy built on a fantasy: If you grow on me, I may not fancy killing you. It was thrilling to know he had orchestrated these encounters, that his code was working and running entirely by itself.When the first dude addressed Haley by name, Sean’s code subbed in the name of the man receiving the message.

(Apple co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak so admired Captain Crunch they hunted him down for a meeting.) Sean* loved these nerd hobbyists. “The people coding things for fun in their basement.” Sean was a good, self-effacing storyteller with a gentle voice and he leaned forward as if to apologize for his height.Sean then modified the Tinder location data so that men in New York or San Francisco were led to believe that Haley was on the opposite coast. They either thought Tinder was buggy and fucking with them (“Must be a glitch in the app. Or they thought their correspondent was buggy and fucking with them.While users readily doubted the app, and one another, they never considered the third explanation: that a skinny Midwesterner in a jean jacket was fucking with them — and recording their conversations.The Phone Phreaks were men and women of the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s who obsessively explored — even infested — the telephone system to understand how it worked.As historian Phil Lapsley writes, “They listened to the clicks and clunks and beeps and boops to figure out how calls were routed.

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But tech is made by humans, and will be surveilled by humans.

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