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'‘" rn Hi* ri|, M k II v I level of Lower t i Ukr bv SI l„L S . f I T VVr ' lon p,,wrr Commission chair- Hamilton should endeavor to get in 111 IO|)KI I Itlii % man.

vatd yesterday there would touch with the member, H. Welch 1 * 4 I then he a sufflelem head of water „r OMnox ron^t Ifuenry. r i; •* I / / I // 1 1 / */ ^ * * * rrr wt/f I a rr lo operate a small automatic plant a bo x. Manchester Guard- W earnin'C Gown / 1 riyal — V- — LOB ANGELES. 12 VP).— dozen farmer*, and the wives of f lve 0 f them, departed today for a learned authentic p KC lflc Jungle island Intent on startthrough other channel* ing lives anew leader as by their Described Thoroughly discouraged trying to rive here in the fun? 12 KP' The Sas Court today Appeal Government Federal the alone can regulate working conditions and declared five Saskutche wan acta regulating wages and working conditions ultra vires of the province where railway* are concerned. Nov 12 4* brotherh'wdz has dorsement or opposition to candl Completing Die Reuther sweep of Lieut. B DEODORANT, of 100 CHEESE Alberta, let grade, lb Nippy Ontario, colored, lb CHATEAU CHEESE Plain or Pimento.

ol o he should take Uke the matter up * "*• Uf Jorp In addition to the when Hen he goes to Victoria on No_ , u , PARI8 PAR! or Ethiopia Nov 12 Oeiv CUaxles relation# with U»e Chaxlea LONDON Nnv 12 — Novell d jo.000- horse power plant, ,|p thr Horne Ijvkf Road •Soviet Union, which lie .escribed a# per Uled, because "independently ot war empire expected the first 25.00OIt is mandate ov " horsepower unit In the main power (he frentest menace France ha# her own furce. nai DOMINION or CANADA OPTIONAL INCOM1 M « WOO* II »DU 0U*l"C (Ml -Ml »M»u chairman their off city* ratal* com- th of | the niltlrr *aid Indefinitely. of high prices and the housing shortage," they embarked aboard the 74-foot tug Aaer for Chirote. katchewan Wroup or Railroad clipped In place wltii pearls and diamonds. Nov Men 4* 12 officers of 1# United States railroad unions tonight set up an organization for political activity In the 1D48 elections, the first such move In recent railroad annals Up to now each of the railroad derided on envlce-pre? Ronald M Houghton was dates sa a separate union and withfour top unldn offices, the u A thankful today he has a wife who out a direct appeal to the more than convention turned Leonards post got worried when he didn't come 1,500.000 railroad worker* for united over to Regional Director John home. Livingston of St Louis The young officer was reacued late A few hours earlier Thainaa was yesterday from an Ice-covered Isbeaten by Dick Gbaaer.

this European power seek# Italy ever encountered of which I #prxk ha« aasto Unce Eritrea houac will b* ready to gr* Into oper He : lold a preas conference that within Franca ation In the next few weekx. Referring to Mn Wuidis plan fui •expropriation" of the company. Disappointment at the emergency budget Introduced In the House of Commons yesterday was generally the verdict of this morning's newspapers. off the Province of Princes would publish a description of the of clas- gown lavlzh Jy fact* as soon as It Chlrluul, In *f Harper Henry budget of Angeles, who recently pur Los chased the island, the intrepid voyagers hope to reach Uietr destination In about three weeks, build homes, sow crops and make broom.-, to aralnst the said the case was not that any of Its proposals were bad, hut that all of them evaded the frontal attack nn Inflation, and the total efferl was much loo small. powerful land In the Tanana River, where he Toledo, Ohio, irfbrir leader. Tlie election atampedr got off to trouble developed in a small plane NJ. just *av E unable If DIAMOND MERCHANTS DOUGLAS 1210 Mutton o' Cord— 8 for • 10.00 HILLCREST FUEL CO Own Shanks lust Arrived from England KEL APPLE JUICE Styled to NABOB DE LUXE TEA MINCEMEAT BING CHERRIES PEANUT BUTTER CARROTS JERSEY White with Gold Band Nabob. GRIMES GOLDEN APPLES end crunchy, California, crisp - Fanrv Wrapped COCOA CAULIFLOWER &«• ht *2.25 42-lb.

(1203 E 0725 Room Yestenis) minimum 282 — EIGHT Two Y-IS COM MBIA, THl KSIt AY, NOVEMBER earing „ Becomes More Hopei ul Stream Plans Master of (»ulf Against Board Order To Continue Conferences Today; VANCOUVER, Nov. master of the motor vessel Gulf Stream, which piled up on Dinner Rock 80 miles north of here with loss of five lives. Company Also Optimistic First Officer 1 ( States Outlook or Strike Settlement To Appeal J’ 4S. .irr- minimum on 18501 Beaver Take Trip to England Suspensions OIIOW On VICTORIA, BRITISH YEAR Ift TH Trtnperal 41: Precipitation— to Inch. t WEATHER FORECAST COLONIST TELEPHONES Department# All ^ * • fisherman I nrlr John dories ana and In abandoned ship in ro»cd to Ihe trawler California. 12,41 The major powers demanded today lop priority for the Austrian peace pan in the face of Kuasian oppml I k»n and growing gloom over chances the coming Fourat an am, Mi at fit tho Minister P. 101 IK three-el* Bnltrnt Tnle free furlong* I* 10 r n -INBIDE JODU Appro* and Numeral 4JJUU OOOD BUY AT IK Ceelirt Ovratnr Exclamation 111 V L A and#' 45 000 mlle» Caih to 40M. *•(#' monthly 4005 •ntrane# dining-room and k lichen d'-wr.itair*. III 1(M Ulnrj Mu* •Entry 'Entry 'Entry Mite and Uir»e-»u 101 RICK . LAKE AND SEAFRONTAGE highway or Suitable The mor# room* tht better Prefer tourist* for Mkea Glory ’Heme Kli*ht to* 100 BROAD STREET 111* * Modern Puiif IMMEDIATE POBHEBai ON 1 ' | j broke bathroom I Benefit.1 storage capacity of water. 12 (CP).—'Tradagain dull and llstle&s on bond market here today Defor funds Increased two-pay vincials ed by Auction on the premises (AS C out mand a half a point In Pro In corporations. m naimo 13 20 Duncan mo arden itled 4 *5 am om 13.10 arr Duncan arr lv Vlctnrla 1 10 Nanaimo 4*5 I* arr pm. M1E -One — pm; Received lust WATER PUMPS Win R FARMS WANTED I 2AZUU MOUNT D pm.; Trout BOAT OWNERS . m THIRD RACE PORT STREET pm, lv Victoria 8eattle Id 40 are; lv m arr Seattl# I Seattle Victoria Lv Seattle II 30 Victoria lv Beattie arr 35 arr Victoria ill v p LEAR TITLE (Kin ; arr Independent Insurance Agencies, Ltd. with 35 arrea of good land and a nice errek SMALL a POUR ROOM BUNGALOW or district *inn until Realty wants Mint not have atep* M'i*t be totaled in either Oak n»v or a good rtiy residential beater nr KING who client m arr. Victoria *45 Victoria 7 *4 lv Vancouver 7.15 p Viclv arr.

said tonight “the outlook is more hopeful for an a Frank Peterson was 'severely reprimanded" by the board | i Odl Sl oasl ’ being •llen-dly r intoxication state of He was on duty at in a 1 Sffi® settlement" Lashed Second Mate Ray Ketchum's certificate of competency was suspended for four month*. "1 knew that Mr Wismer would He added that the conferences would continue tomorrow "and 1 get co-operation of both parties and am hopeful of a solution to the I am glad he U hopeful of a settlemem, Orauer, company ment." said a A E E. There were report# that the men were prepared to accept a 15 cent an hour pvy b."Si, based uq a oneyear contract, but there was no official confirmation. Captain Harry Roach placed In hips pumps, whlrh kept I A to use the U 1 • w^ ’ J™," m lowances. ’AJCTED TN "OAK BAT-A 4 OR 5-K It E Call Prlte U ct;,4nn UU 195* - NEAR TOWN ’ANTED OR P7VE A - p-ARMERS rate . expenditure of *66,000.000; creation before any action ia taken. am 111 SAC*— xr VENTIt Garden Pot [, Nanaimo m 10 p Nanaimo arr ,0 *|cou*er 0 1* Victoria.

A book is a set of sheets of paper, parchment, or similar materials that are fastened together to hinge at one side.

Inun- but Capt Craddock and the officers dating entire communities, disrupt- on wutch did no*. Maundered Ttwl fliiundrrrd vessrl falling I nut “‘ f,, loto- cast Massachusetts roast the ts«*chuseits night n 0,1 *** '“‘ l off hur thal reached r eh*d hurdur,n « s during » storm liorm that In * nd ricane proportions r “ nn « ,n gusts and r, "‘ nr Pf"P« caused heavy damage ashore. Conn, and snow up to 10 should have left the bridge for as Four-On! O ( ' ' C olfl- wtol ,„, Mund#a Beaeh Ship , ing the street during blinding rain. torthcomine n8WS of th ' V, Ctt,ri 1 porketbook* of both Tapping the p.,linnr ,, Retorting an "unprecedented" mishap h ° v wa* received. Vancouver 11 15 ami tlrally eerry eonyenlene# and labor aavng Vancouver 150 ly. 110 pm; lv Van* Nanaimo 11 *5 pm nn Tueiday* unty, and arr Vancouv- ri ntadhadagal Buddie Bone* M"r arr lilanda- Lv sure supply of water of Saskatchewan are also include 'via Oulf Island*' 1 IS p m Him Coast. 1* and J*; December X South Saskatchewan River to pro- levels In Qu’Appelle Valley: estaband UR D.

firmly disputed' i k i LONDON, vu J f/f * *’1 Toned-Down following posse V0 propeller gone. beached, been has day, / 15 to commemorate the marriage of Princess Elisabeth to on Argument o In o Mark Aims 'Crisis' II mlget !

7-ooin hou*» with 4 »*tra 117 10* Dual Over I for blind* Orfierou* PTIght Mad Town FARMS FOR SALE /OR 8ALE- I I cilttatr chicken ho-a** Keating I* K e* beating, automatic and half an a flx'iire* ground* 110 —11*Blk RACE m.i ti ND HUJ 1 HOME al* living- hall, ” J 00 Beach Sun IN B"k 4109. N1 two alurle* and of Hpaciciu* riium, to FIRST RACE—8U furlong* 104 Sun TOlo Mabuhy 107 Wheel PUter l H* D Or 7J9 ACRE— A,. Ernest Omen U pictured In Lo« Angelwi where he urged statehood for the nf Revision nn th# Municipal nf the City of Victoria rpl IE Court veer THURSDAY Streci. HUNTER November 9 77CA j J/j U REVENUE PROPERTY Palrflald— Blghl rnum* baaement and fur. liullt Verv nice well oansirurird Priced Victoria arr. Operated 1" Outlet PARM OWNERS ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY PARM PROM him to find POUR HOME-8EEKEHS home Evening* •* mpire 9119 HI'l H 14 H A lv pm «tik I Diameter 5”; Depth -V' Inlet and Outlet Adapirt TED HAWKES & CO K mpire 111! nt'RNSIDfc Within 3’, -mile circle Pnur rnnrn bungalnw Large moral. A buy na ra pm pm lan.l 1 1" Inlet t 1 me that ll 5'0 down will pure haem Client arriving In town IMBut Any home up row can par 14'. with th* Hen, the rest of the family srattrrnl I around.

Point Po.n* and Pachena b|» I N- •:« •Thursday, Riuk Mu's I Ras Ma'. FEATl’RFS ii Lsi.alled ’ Land# and Forest# Minister K ,nn.„ then them it* TV/ TV/ It Alliances till C# Iflfl Lto C With III West f Y ir SI ul OJ J i HP democratic regime were not in Spain In a reasonable a If "I** « I I -llu Inl-Ji V VJCl IIkllkl Cl Y- I 1 "• //(» Caul De w Ulllli* l e Seeks jf Ph’. Premier John , last last 1 w« v ‘Sav \ Contract J * K n These 1 "urrrs said there «*emed sources a w«*emed •emed ” f U Ttwa- brought up by Alderman 1 0f T r * bw U ba.*l# for rrcenl t OT * understood that the order to be no of Tlrial recent ecent D.

Andrei Bmirnuv Bmirnov argued In negotlatlona for extension Of sel was in command nf Lieut. re- that the Inviet Union wax follow Pacific fireikt Extern Hallway into " in that the ported earlier today to be burning tn « ,0«‘ e Af PWFrdurr Peace River district. or Mine M «j H I a Order W Will Hall Imports , , ^ ^ m Marfb wlu nol In Hongkong (duration of Mttllng the probiemaol^ Uinhrt M{ni Us reporta of lh0 this afternoon with /WIII O W IT Wl U. ran Jordan who feared that Port ., ^ m directly d,rr from shipment# fr "hipment# shi| reports Indicating report* that Britain might that ^'f the Island as bus and truck companies, he said, were seriously °wn panic* by United States cittze rrf 000.000 pounds of beef thts year, When Ladore Falls dam l# com - coml derlng removing their vehicles nounrrd yesterday. TABLETS, Hillside) * I)n4 of email now C005T Our SWEET POTATOES up at GIVI A PRESSURE COOKER FOR CHRISTMAS MEANS ECONOMICAL SERVICE TO YOU 1*Q0 1 cues AND SAUCERS Plain Specifications CAREFUL SINCE „ APRICOTS NF. tin ' 1171 Dryland Douglaa Fir with dry block* Note Dnn'f atrnggle with wet and cheap wood, try Douglas Fir— Never in water • PEACHES MEDIUM Claimed • 5.50 20-ot.

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is forced in wii «wn#r it DW FAS7 WITH $4 00 1 1 KER & STEPHENSON ASBESTOS W. SARK or TORUiri O-RLDU the it —a it lullii 7 landmine. For rather strong for tea and grand, rewarding flavor IET STIAIMTEIEI AWAY Tbw, homes, stuer# have ovarythlng a woman e«m Ul delea me abeat them . home situated at Prospect Lake »ww |y like it Pop ua UAlly took them Watch your nerve#! 12 Re uterst.— Despite the influence of the Autumn budget, tiie stock market made a good start today, although turnover was small.