101 questions to ask when dating dating for the organic

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101 questions to ask when dating

Would you prefer your mind to be a steel trap or a problem-solving machine? Do you prefer to explore the world digitally or in person?

This simple question opens up discussions about traveling abroad, common interests, world cuisine, and trips around the globe.

This is a great question on a first date as it will tell if you and your date have a similar sense of humor. Knowing what types of music people like will give you a great peek into who they really are.

Some of the greatest undiscovered mysteries are here on Earth, but nobody knows what deep space holds.

You can expand on this question by asking about specific crafts and skills they might want to teach. Whether you’re hanging with a guy or a girl, humor is powerful.

Guys bond over wisecracks and jokes, and girls are charmed by goofy puns and warm smiles.

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We all remember that special teacher that either pushed us harder than the rest, or inspired us through their support and kindness.

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