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Readings will address the associated problems of violence, transgression, and animality. This course will consider the questions of debt, loss, and surrender as we explore the problem of sacrifice. First-Year Seminar: Religion and Society in Historical Novels. Most of them are bestsellers and can be described as "historical novels." Having these books as a starting point, we will explore religion and society in Europe and the Middle East in the medieval and early modern period. First-Year Seminar: Money and Morality: Divining Value in Social Life. This seminar explores the many ways that different religions and cultures have imagined spiritual wealth, secular riches, and the appropriate modes of interaction between them in different places and times.

It focuses on immigrants, converts, and the cultural influence of Buddhism in America.

How does religion become a source of ethnic or racial prejudice among religious practitioners?

This course explores the ways in which religion, magic, and science are defined in the modern world and the different forms in which supernaturalism circulates within contemporary culture.

It investigates religious experience; myth and ritual; teachings and scripture; historical, social, and artistic aspects of religion; and the nature and function of religion in society, with a special focus on ethics and values.

This course examines forms of religious expression as embodied in several important religious traditions.

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Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Literature. This course introduces students to the various books of the Hebrew Bible and to the history and culture of ancient Israel, focusing on the formation of national identity, ancient conceptualizations of divinity, ritual practice, and modes of social regulation, all of which are set against the background of the ancient Near East.